Buh Bye

October 3, 2006

In my manager’s office:

“Due to changing business requirements, we’re going through a reduction in force and your position has been eliminated.”

And that’s likely the end of this blog…



August 30, 2006

“I really don’t know how to design the solution because I don’t know the technology.  I have fantasies about how it should work, but I really don’t know.”

A Clear Understanding of Infrastructure

August 29, 2006

“My router goes through my Qwest phone line.”

But It’s Early!

August 29, 2006

overheard at 08:10

“Hey, we’re state employees.  These 8:00 meetings are pretty difficult.  You’re lucky we’re only 10 minutes late.”

One of Many

August 25, 2006

“SQL is but one of many things for which I would be considered clueless.”

Better than Silly Similies

August 11, 2006

“He must be in a pretty pickle if he’s resorted to those mangled metaphors.”

The Big Picture

August 4, 2006

“Let me give you a high level overview of where I’m at.  I’m lost.”